Puerto Rico's Best English Speaking Schools

When your family is looking to relocate to Puerto Rico, choosing where you’d like to live often involves looking at schools. Choosing the best school for your children is important, and there is nothing more convenient than living close to your child’s school.

Puerto Rico’s public schools do not teach in English, so finding the right private school, where bilingual instruction is the standard, is the best option for most parents. Finding the right private school for your children depends on a number of factors: pricing, location, English and bilingual teaching, gender-specific or mixed-gender schools and religious schools.

Puerto Rico private school students have one of the highest acceptance rates to the top Ivy League colleges in the U.S., including Yale, Harvard, Columbia and more. The list below includes some of the top private bilingual schools in the area. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, please contact us. We can help direct you to more resources.

  • St. John’s School, Condado
  • Robinson School, Condado
  • Baldwin School, Guaynabo
  • Tasis School, Dorado
  • Dorado Academy, Dorado
  • The Palmas Academy, Humacao
  • Academia del Perpetuo Socorro, Miramar
  • Commonwealth-Parkville School, Rio Piedras/Guaynabo