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Our team of real estate professionals offers personal, boutique-style services in a professional yet friendly atmosphere.

Ilia Martinez

Ilia Martínez
Broker/ President
Spanish/ English

“I love everything about my job- helping people achieve their goals, and the challenges
and satisfaction of making the sale. Every day is different, you learn something, you

meet many people, cultures and tastes… you're definitely never bored!”


Ilia Martinez is the president of Ilia Martínez & Associates. For over 20 years, her understanding of the market, empathy and focus on customer service have marked her real estate career in the segment of luxury properties. Her strong will has been tested through tough times, including the 2008 real estate crash, several hurricanes, and the current pandemic. This has highlighted her capacity adapt, face the challenges and turn them into opportunities. This was made evident in her ability to create a niche in the 20/22 (now Act 60) scenario early on. 

Ilia has a successful story, having grown from a small, independent broker to a well-known and reputable boutique real estate firm, leading what she proudly calls the IMA Team. This team joins an experienced and capable team of experts that share her vision and passion, each with a unique expertise in luxury properties, high-end residential, tourism, commercial and investment properties, adding value to the firm. She sees her relationships in buyer/seller transactions as partnerships, working closely with her clients, providing guidance, vision and solutions, to make things happen. 


Ocean View and turnkey properties are always the most exciting listings, which she undertakes with her keen marketing insights and a self-imposed goal of making sales in record time.  Ilia is able to take any listings and turn them to sales, including distressed properties with challenging locations, dysfunctional layouts and construction defects, finding ways to market and help clients visualize the possibilities it may have. These are her most satisfying listings.


Always active, in her free time she loves playing tennis and beach tennis, spending time with her 2 kids or walking her two dogs. Travel is always in her plans, with the Maldives, Australia, Fiji, Greece and Amsterdam on top of her bucket list.


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Digna Martinez

Digna Martínez
Associate/Sales Agent
Spanish/ English

Digna Martinez is an Associate Broker at Ilia Martinez & Associates. For nearly a decade, she has focused her efforts in creating exceptional experiences for client’s looking for luxury real estate properties. A hard worker, she adds extensive knowledge of the market and the complex real estate industry to the IMA Team- from applicable laws, to negotiations, social media, sales, and business development. Digma also understands the intricacies of this ever-changing business, keeping up with new trends and practices.


A fan of problem solving management, Digna is attentive to every client's needs, readily responsive and resourceful. She earns great satisfaction in helping people achieve their goals, especially in times when they are undergoing challenges in life. True to her character is the understanding that her job has no hours of operation or preplanned workweeks, which she enthusiastically approaches with a smile.

On her personal side, she likes places in southern Europe, including Spain, Greece, and Italy, but reserving the top spot for Puerto Rico.  She's an outdoor type, with bicycling, beach tennis, road trips and adventures, always in the company of her two daughters. 

Most memorable experience 

Once, Digna was faced with the dilemma between a financial institution and a client.  The bank refused to finance because of an electricity cable torn after Hurricane Maria that ran right over the Jacuzzi in the patio. After many due diligences, she undertook the task of hiring a team of experts to move the cable, made it a safe environment, and ultimately the bank agreed to finance. The buyers were very excited and thankful, which is what inspires her every day.


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Digna Martinez

Jaime M. Domenech
Spanish/ English

Jaime M. Domenech is an Associate Broker at Ilia Martínez & Associates. For over two decades, Jaime has developed a successful career in the luxury market.  A natural multi-tasker, he is known to be energetic and goal driven, undertaking any client needs as a welcome opportunity- even the most challenging ones. He is extremely resourceful in finding the best property to fulfill and exceed expectations.


Known for his perseverance and positive outlook, he especially likes to undertake high-end properties, properties still not on the market, and is pretty savvy at identifying investment opportunities.  Jaime believes that knowledge is key to success- being keen at staying up-to-date on available inventories and researching everything about new developments in the area the company specializes in.

On his personal side, Jaime is an avid runner, loves bicycling, gym, and racquet sports and is a true beach fanatic. He also has a softer side, self-described as overly compassionate, with a true liking toward taking care of others.  Beyond beautiful beaches, he gravitates towards places with history and unique cultures, like Egypt, Jerusalem, east and western European countries and the Middle East.

Jaime has mentored young men and women – especially two who became “his kids”, taking them under his wing throughout their youth and college years. He is now proud to say they are accomplished professionals. 

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from University of Florida, and is fluent in English and Spanish.

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