Amelia Industrial Park Warehouse (Rented 2015) – Guaynabo

“Me siento sumamente orgulloso de conocerte y ver cómo te has ido desempeñando, desarrollando y adquiriendo éxito en tu carrera como corredora en PR. Mis felicitaciones"

¡¡En Hora Buena!!

Armando Vilas

Cosmopolitan Condominium (Rented 2014) – Miramar

"Ilia is a true professional. An expert who was quickly able to find the perfect match for my property."


Antonio J. Ortiz
CEO | Velox24.com Auto Insurance

Robinson Condominium (Sold 2013) – Condado

“Thank you so much for everything! I really enjoyed working with you! Being that this was such an important transaction and step in my life. You were great, and it was smooth sailing! I appreciate your honesty and being able to answer any and every question I had, specially because I had already relocated to another state. I couldn't be happier with your services! Thank you!”

Rocio Canteli
Real Estate Agent-Equity Colorado

Kings Ct. Playa Condominium (Rented 2014) – Condado

“Ilia Martinez is an extremely knowledgeable and professional real estate broker, who takes the time to listen carefully to clients and understand their needs.  She and her associate brokers helped me to find, very quickly, an apartment in San Juan that fulfilled all of my requirements.   This was not an easy task,  but they took on the challenge and delivered very professionally.”

Peter Rebrin

Kings Ct. Playa Condominium (Sold 2014) – Condado

“Ilia Martinez’ willingness to communicate diligently with prospective purchasers, cooperate with other brokers, and implement quickly appropriate pricing strategies, sets her apart and above the many capable real estate professionals in Puerto Rico. My wife and I are pleased with Ilia’s assistance in selling our Condado condominium unit, and we wish her continued success in matching the right property to the right purchaser.”

Attorney David Freedman

Plaza Stella (Sold 2014) Condado

 “Ilia Martínez  is top in her field.She’s extremely efficient and quick to zero in on wich property will fulfill your needs. Her integrity and high standards make her a great realtor. I highly recommend her.’’

Joyce Kindy

Palma Real # 25  (Rented 2015) Guaynabo

“As an ex-pat, you need someone who can understand about your home needs and translate it in real solutions, Digna Martinez our agent from Ilia Martinez & Associates did that for us, she asked, searched and found the right place.  Thanks for making our stay in Puerto Rico a great experience!”

J. Coronado, Hershey

Muñoz Rivera #21  (Sold 2015)  Guaynabo

“Durante el proceso de venta de la casa de mi madre en Guaynabo, tener a Digna fue todo un éxito, Digna Martínez "La Mejor".  Desde el principio persevero y fue un éxito, con sus ideas, entusiasmo y buena presencia no necesitamos más nada. Resultado: Se vendió la casa a la "solta".”


Roberto Chiques